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  • Healing Touch San Diego

    Sometimes in life we forget to slow down and breathe.  We get so caught up in what we're doing, so stressed out and panicked, that we can put unhealthy stress on our minds and bodies.  For example, in a stressful work environment, like a hospital, the stress and anxiety that you can feel at work can make you feel like you're going to lose it.

    DeAnna LoCoco provides a service to aid in calming and depressurizing workers in high stress or high pressure work situations.  This "healing touch therapy" she provides is a simple two-minute "moment" of connection between DeAnna and the stressed employee.  The employee sits on a stool or at a work station, and DeAnna places her hands on the employees shoulders.  Then DeAnna offers gentle reminders to breathe and relax, to return to the present.  DeAnna's work with healing touch at a notable local hospital has already shown that this type of in-workplace on-the-go therapy is highly effective in helping the staff stay calm and relaxed.  

    DeAnna provides this service to workplaces of all types.  If you're looking to increase employee overall well-being at a high-stress workplace, DeAnna's healing touch therapy could be your answer.  DeAnna's methods have been proven effective, and many staff members of the hospital have followed her to her private practice for further sessions after being introduced.

     For healing touch San Diego, DeAnna LoCoco is your answer.  Contact for a free consultation today.