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  • Family Counseling San Diego

    Sometimes connecting to your child or teen can be tough.  They can be distant, angry, or simply not speak to you.  That's why figuring out what's wrong with them emotionally can be difficult.  It's these times that an outside listener may need to step in to connect with the child so that they can speak what's on their mind.

    That's why bringing them to a healer can be beneficial; DeAnna can make them feel comfortable enough to speak freely.  When the child is away from their parents and feels comfortable, they will be more likely to talk about their problems.  This open discussion will help them to heal, and feel like themselves again.

    DeAnna has worked with many children and teens to heal them of a variety of issues.  Many teens deal with depression and anxiety because of peer pressure and bullying.  DeAnna can help guide the kids back from the trauma that can result from bullying, and relax them enough to gain their confidence back.  

    So whether your child is experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or simply isn't communicating, DeAnna LocCoco can provide the friendly voice that your child can connect with.  For family counseling San Diego, contact DeAnna today.