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  • Career Counseling San Diego

    Working in a fulfilling career is essential to our happiness.  To feel that you are truly contributing something positive to the world is crucial to our sense of self-worth.  That's why when we are unsure of where we are going with our life, we may need some outside advice.

    DeAnna LoCoco provides career counseling services to people of all employment levels in San Diego.  In the process of Career Counseling, DeAnna will:

    • Help you to figure out who you are and where your heart is as far as your education, your career, and your life.
    • Listen to any thoughts or issues you have with your career and life, and discuss them with you.
    • Help you identify how your interests, skills, and personality can be applied to a career.
    • Help you to plan and access resources to assist you in pursuing your career.
    • Assist you in strategically planning how to reach your goals.


    Contact DeAnna today for career counseling San Diego.