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  • The Book of Care.

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    We are all caregivers to one degree or another - when we make dinner for our family, help a co-worker or take care of an elderly parent. The Book of Care is a gentle reminder and tool to take care of oneself in the process of expressing our care for others. This book helps you to recognize the potency we all have in honoring and respecting ourselves while in service as caregivers. We have to establish a relationship of trust and faith within ourselves – It’s an “inside job”, and when we do, we feel more effective and efficient. That inner place of assurance is our launching pad of serving others. Service is an act of caring and we can learn to serve freshly in each new moment from this inner place of assurance. We can choose to take time, to take time throughout our day to honor and appreciate ourselves. This book gives us the tools and gentle reminders to do just that.